Bootcamp Endorsements


Matt, Director, Finance

“I really wanted to get better at the QUESTIONS component of sales. Getting to what matters to the client. I think that I’m really good at listening, I just needed to work at asking the RIGHT questions. We love how you thoughtfully challenge the team, so responses are not "throw away or just like so and so said". You respectfully pushed us, made us dig in and learn so we could leverage and learn. Your comfort felt natural with our team and your style rocks, you just naturally flow.”

Anonymous Bootcamp Endorsement

"I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere of Gina’s Bootcamp. While remaining professional, I believe the opening music piece was an excellent tool to set the tone of each meeting, and to keep everyone engaged and focused on the theme of the day. I personally liked how everyone had an opportunity to offer his and her perspective without fearing judgment."

Bootcamp Endorsement

I have learned to not take so many things personally and to have an attitude of both gratitude and positivity. What you put out is what you get in return and I want my clients and my team to feel good about working with me. 

Bootcamp Endorsement

"Continued training is crucial to our team’s success as well as open communication within the teams. We really are working harder together, jumping in where necessary, and are not only ending the year on a high note but also planning on ways that we can grow in 2021. The training brought us closer together, allowed us to show our personalities and thought processes more, and overall, I think everyone grew a greater appreciation for one another and what we each bring to the team."

Bootcamp Endorsement

"I learned how to better strategize within my region, how to grow within the company by collaborating with other teams, and I am seeing better execution within my region as well as within my team too!"

Bootcamp Endorsement

"Personally, Gina’s bootcamp appealed to me because I think it’s important to self-reflect as we are always our toughest critic. Professionally, I have aspirations to become a manager for my team, so I really wanted to strengthen my skill set so that I could turn those aspirations into a reality."

Bootcamp Endorsement

"Something that I have implemented into a practice at work is the habit of staying connected with coworkers outside of my direct team. I have created a great working relationship with both the operations team and our data analytics team, which has allowed me to expand my mind and offer more to the company that I was before."

Bootcamp Endorsement

"The things I learned have impacted my day-to-day routine in a few ways. First, I have found so much more value in mornings. That may sound simple, but I honestly never looked at the time before work as something all that valuable and worth investing in. I'm still working on adjusting my routine, but the mornings that I wake up and take time for myself before coming into work are very treasured. Another thing impacting my daily life is the power in preparation, and the ease of mind I can provide myself by simply being prepared for the future, whether that be the next hour or the next week."

Bootcamp Endorsemnet

"The first thing that appealed to me from a personal perspective was the general focus on self-betterment. As someone who has focused on improving my self-care and self-worth for years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this professional development course dove much deeper than my resume. From a professional perspective, I found it very appealing that our sessions involved coworkers from a number of different divisions and teams. Even after just the first day, I found that spending uninterrupted time with coworkers that I do not often interact with made me more comfortable and confident in the workplace."

Katie, Cleveland, OH

"What I learned that I am implementing is dedicating time to invest in myself. Doing what I need to do personally to set myself in the best position to perform at my peak professionally."

Bootcamp Endorsement

"We have separate teams in our office that were operating completely separately, and Gina helped us to identify the bridge that brought our teams together. We have begun to connect on a weekly / bi-weekly basis to touch base on different projects / statuses of our members & worked together to accomplish more than one item in a single wave of communication."

Bootcamp Endorsement

"Finding my voice. Working as a team throughout the last 8 weeks created a “safe space” amongst our group, and I have begun to trust my thoughts / ideas & feel more comfortable & confident bringing them up to my peers & leaders."

Bootcamp Endorsement

"Prepare, prepare, prepare! I always thought of myself as a planner, but after working with Gina I have re-thought my planning / preparation process for the week & found a much more efficient process for myself. I spend some time on Sunday evenings and create a list – in order of highest priority to lowest – of what I need to accomplish on Monday to start my week off on the best foot."

Leslie, VP Marketing

“I was really grateful to be a part of the group, you’re teaching what’s pure common sense that people can execute on, it causes people to dig deeper. You provided real leadership throughout the process."

Bobby, Sales Leader

“The content was great! I really liked that it was a small group of us, it helped me realize that we were all in the same boat with the same challenges and that we could help each other. The content was outstanding, it’s very usable. It provided me with great mentorship and focus! I was out there starting a brand-new job in an abyss; I went 4 months without meeting my new boss. Gina’s advice was very practical, and it helped carry me through a very out of the ordinary on boarding with a new company.”

Zach, VP, Practice Leader

“First & foremost I was glad to be a part of this and it helped me have purpose and plan for each day. I began planning my week on Sundays and structuring how to build my day to be more effective. I started to work out early in the morning and focus more specifically on my CEB’s. I gained two new customers. The small team aspect was important. It was good to hear what the salespeople should do that is common sense but what they don’t always do. You really drilled down on throw away answers which helped to eliminate those types of answers and forced people to be specific and answer with their own answers.”

Joe, Sales Leader

“This is exactly what I needed, especially during COVID. It lifted and bound our small group together.  We needed  the camaraderie and structure, we needed to be lifted. I especially liked the “Knowing-Doing Gap” and the music made it exciting.”

Corbin, VP Healthcare Consultant

“I appreciate you putting this together, it looks like long term greatness can come from it. Short and sweet power points used for guidance and a leave-behind tool.  I valued the questions & the music. The music was thoughtful, memorable and fantastic. We were curious about the music, however it put extra energy in the discussions and was relevant, energetic and fun!”

Stephanie, VP Healthcare Consultant

"The affirmation “I am the best” really seems to amp me up! I love it.  Just completed a finalist meeting and gosh it raised my energy!  I think that the music helped too. J  Preparedness, especially the weekly prep, has been incredibly helpful, as it has provided direction for my efforts.  I loved that.”

Hannah, Cleveland, OH

"Gina is a positive cheerleader that makes everyone feel like a priority. She has had an impressive career which allows her to have invaluable advice both personally and professionally."

Ellie, Cleveland, OH

"My absolute favorite thing that I have implemented in my personal life is remembering to respond before I react. This resonated with me on a very meaningful level, and has changed the way I interact with people both at work and in my personal life. I find that I am able to much more effectively communicate with friends, family, and loved ones when I take a step back and allow myself to respond thoughtfully as opposed to reacting impulsively."