Our Impact


How We Impact

What are our engagements all about?

  • A partnership in support of your goals of profitability, collaboration, information and preparation.
  • An unconventional optimal performance bootcamp guiding professionals in taking their performance to exceptional levels, resulting in job appreciation and satisfaction.
  • Gina and her Team will effectively move your Team from a tactical thinking mindset into that of a critical thinker and student of your client’s business. Your Team will develop a deeper understanding of their client’s business imperatives which in turn provides insights into recognizing, exposing & solving problems with ingenuity & confidence.

This IS:


  • Sustainable applied learning & professional development.
  • Engagement that transforms groups of people into optimally performing teams.
  • Coaching, working through examples, working through scenarios and human to human negotiation techniques that help the participants gain a deeper understanding of your client’s business imperatives, providing insights, exposing & solving problems with ingenuity & confidence.

This is NOT:

Just a another boring, intermittent, unsustainable training program teaching you to memorize things you won’t use nor a new year’s resolution that fades to black and is temporary. THIS WORKS!

What is up with the music?

The only things we can truly control are our energy, thoughts, words and actions. When people are stressed, they have a challenging time with clarity, awareness and mood.

This is where the effects of music on memory recall come into play as it:

Minimizes Stress

Improves Mood

Allows Clearer Thinking

Increases Awareness

What Our Clients Say

1:1 Optimal Performance Coaching Endorsement

“From the first call with Gina I felt excited about what was possible for my future, both professionally and personally. We were able to talk through how I perceived my own capabilities and challenge the limiting beliefs that I wasn’t even aware I had. Through the coursework & conversations about my goals (short and long-term), I reframed my thinking from “I’m going to try to…” to “I will…” This has helped me fight feelings of self-doubt & helped me feel confident in myself as a “brand”.Lastly, working with Gina has taught me that THE SKY’S THE LIMIT! ”


Kendall Duboc


Our Results

We focus a lot on the value of preparedness and wanted to measure the specific benefits realized by respondents from the improved preparedness strategies learned through working with GNE. Here’s what they gained from our engagement:

As a result of experiencing our bootcamp, 86% of participants identified that they learned employable, sustainable skills on how to effectively balance work and life in the newly remote working climate.