Results that matter to your business


What Matters

Client retention, maximizes upside & recurring revenue opportunities increasing morale and ultimately stock value.

Improved client management and complex negotiation skills.

Turbo-charging your team's skill sets, building camaraderie and boosting mental fitness.

Driving purpose & intention.

Why is it important?

Cultivates client retention, maximizes upside & recurring revenue opportunities increasing morale and ultimately stock value.

Enhances knowledge and perspective through professional development, improving underwriter relationships, client management and complex negotiation skills.

Turbo-charges your team's skill sets, builds camaraderie and boosts mental fitness.

Retention efforts and supporting documentation:

  • SHRM stated that the average costs to replace an employee is 6-9 months of an employee’s salary. For example, if an employee earns $60k/yr, SHRM estimates the recruiting and training costs incurred to replace that employee to be approximately $30-$45K.
  • The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey reported that each month in the U.S., 3 to 4.5 million employees quit their jobs. The survey indicated that 94% would stay with their current employer if they had invested in their well-being and long term learning.

Why The Cheetah?

The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. It is decisive, acts with intent, is persistent and knows when to try another angle while maintaining a stature of maniacal intent.


what is important to YOUR employees?

We focus a lot on the impact of preparedness and measured the specific benefits realized by respondents from the improved preparedness strategies learned through working with GNE. Here’s what they gained from our engagement:

Measurable Results

Using a scale from 1-5, we gained participant insights on a variety of variables to help us determine effectiveness, satisfaction, additional needs and opportunities for improvement.

Represents participant satisfaction with their work-life balance.

2 We looked at how participants rated their effectiveness and confidence levels interacting with external clients.



After working with Gina, 62% of participants rated their effectiveness with internal partner relationships at a 5 out of 5 or “very positive”.


93% of participants rated their overall feeling and experience working with Gina in 1:1 coaching as 5 out of 5 or “extremely valuable”.


Of that same group, 69% indicated a desire to continue having 1:1 chats with Gina.


 76% of participants rated their overall feeling and experience participating in the Team Bootcamp as 5 out of 5 “extremely valuable”.


76% of participants found that the creative team building experience gave them a deeper appreciation for the role of creativity in problem solving and pushed them to exercise their creative voice at work more.


82% of participants identified “mental clarity and a sense of calm” as a key benefit of working with GNE.




Anonymous participant, BCBS Arizona

"THANK YOU so much for everything, like I said last week you brought me back to life. I had a few tough years, I stopped believing in myself and what I was capable of. After meeting with you, I started to believe again."

Kathleen Nugent, Director of Marketing, Merkle NY

"If I had to sum up what Gina has given me throughout my time knowing her, it is this; Gina has taught me how to think deeper, work smarter, laugh harder, be myself and do what makes me happy. Gina helps everyone she knows be a better version of themselves and I can...

Megan, Norwalk, OH

"Gina is your beloved soul-friend who embodies a kick to the rear and an open-armed hug at the same time. She challenges us all to do better, be better, and live better. The world is blessed by her spirit, passion, and vision. I am forever grateful for her exuberant...

Matt, Director, Finance

“I really wanted to get better at the QUESTIONS component of sales. Getting to what matters to the client. I think that I’m really good at listening, I just needed to work at asking the RIGHT questions. We love how you thoughtfully challenge the team, so responses are...

Elizabeth, National School of Chiropractic, Chicago, IL

"Words can’t express my gratitude towards you and everything you have done for us these past 12 weeks. But mostly I love how much closer we have gotten just from chatting every week and I will cherish that for the rest of my life. You are my shining light and truly...

Angie, Cleveland, OH

"Overall, I have learned to be more deliberate in my communication and simply do my very best!"


"Gina - I'm still on such a high from Wednesday night! Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and wisdom with us. I took away so many golden nuggets."

Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Author of “The Rockstar Remedy….A Rock’n’Roll Doctor’s Prescription for living and Long and Healthy Life.”

"Gina has a holistic approach to coaching that aligns the principles of Body, Mind and Spirit for the purpose of setting and achieving goals that are aligned at achieving your greatest potential.  For Gina, no Dream is beyond reach and no Goal is unachievable. She...


"Thank you for this. Gina, you are truly a ray of sunshine. I feel your positive energy every time I see and hear from you. You light up the space. This too is your true gift! I am so very honored to have the privilege of connecting with you. I re-read what you wrote...

Anonymous, Cleveland, OH

"I appreciated the encouragement for everyone to turn on their cameras for a more engaging feeling. Also, Gina Nicola was clear, concise, and fun to listen to. I especially enjoyed her question/answer segment with her thoughtful yet candid responses! Fabulous!"