1:1 Optimal Performance


Work One On One With Gina


Unafraid of the unchartered territories of your highest potential

Who is this for?

High school, college students, executives, corporate teams looking for culture refresh.

why is this important?

When we understand how we have been conditioned, how to amend the ideas and habits formed that are not serving us, we have a new lease on life and the path to maximize potential.

Why With GNE?

I shake it up with music, and get direct. Helping people identify the difference between a purpose and goals and how to get to it and make it happen.


What is it?
1:1 Guided coaching live or via video conference with Gina.

Why get going and do it?
By really getting down to it and understanding how you have been environmentally conditioned, I will teach you how to amend the ideas and habits not serving you, clearing the path to a sustainable way to maximize your human potential vs just humming along and checking off the days of the year.

Expect The Unexpected

What you can expect:

Changing the narrative as to how we think, feel & act; quiet the noise; drive peak results.

Getting clear on why we think & act how we do; bridging the knowing doing gap.

Building new habits, focused repetition, changes thinking, emotional control, actions & results.

Mastering inner self-image, learning the skills needed to live from the inside out.

Risk-taking, stretching, reaching & breaking through self-image and worthiness.

Mastering the integration of belief with behavior.

Remaining neutral, respond vs react.

When to Lead & When to Follow: Mastering the art of leading & following.

What Our Clients Say

1:1 Optimal Performance Coaching Endorsement

“Working with Gina Nicola changed my life for the better! I cannot say enough positive things about the experience. Gina provided me with best practices to become disciplined, determined and encouraged to always do my best, at work and at home. Most of all, though, she helped me reshape the vision that I had around myself, and pushed me to be brave and bold. The results of her coaching were immediate. Things have taken off in my career because of the direction that I received from Gina, and I know I’m on the right path. I’d recommend Gina’s coaching to anyone looking for their purpose, mission, or direction in their life or career!”


Stephanie, Cleveland, OH


Our Results

We focus a lot on the value of preparedness and wanted to measure the specific benefits realized by respondents from the improved preparedness strategies learned through working with GNE. Here’s what they gained from our engagement:

59% of participants identified “freedom to be present” as a key benefit of working with GNE.