12 Weeks that Changed My Life – My world changes throughout the 12 weeks spent with Gina, here’s how. As soon as I logged on to that first zoom call and heard the song playing with Gina in the background dancing singing her heart out, I knew I made a good decision. That type of energy uplifted me, and I had a sense of eager anticipation throughout the week before our Sunday meetings. Throughout the 12 weeks, I slowly became more aware of smaller interactions throughout my day, and the impact that they had on my life. The most important part that I took away from the 12 weeks with Gina was the lesson of responding vs. reacting, I had never felt fully in control of my response to a situation until this. I always felt that I had a purpose in life, but the reassurance and help to discover what that purpose is more has really help me in the past few months. I know now where to focus more energy, and I remind myself that I am in control of my life and my actions. I would encourage others to experience this program because I think most of us focus on things that drain us, and let others control our lives. But being in control and knowing that I’m doing what I’m doing because I want too has been so refreshing and relieving.”