Optimal Performance Boot Camps Testimonials

I remember the excitement and anticipation of beginning the development course with Gina…I had no idea how truly life changing this experience would be! The articles and books were very relevant to my business and personal life. The discussion around the articles was where the information comes to life and I began to incorporate the teachings and the beliefs. The music and the vision board helped me stay focused and excited for the future leap. As I incorporated the behaviors with my beliefs I was able to lead a team of 9 professionals to #1 team in the company. A short time later, I received a promotion and I am now realizing my true potential. This was an amazing experience because of Gina’s genuine excitement and passion for my development and success. I have grown as a leader, wife and a mother….Thank you Gina!

Anonymous, Regional Director, Midwest

Gina helped me find “ME” and I am deserving of all things if I put mind to it; both personally and professionally. I feel I have grown from this very special experience. I will be honest, I was very skeptical when this all started, but I fell in love with Gina and her techniques. It was an awesome 3 months for sure!!!!!

Anonymous participant, BCBS Arizona

Training helped me find a more vocal, enthusiastic and confident “voice”

Anonymous participant, BCBS Arizona

Gina was motivating, knowledgeable and offered a unique approach to being true to oneself as being the key to success!

Anonymous participant, BCBS Arizona

I’d love to get to the art of asking the “right questions” change my vernacular for stronger business deals/creativity to win with internal partnership, learn when to delegate. Sharpen the skills i have today and be AWARE of those skills.

Anonymous participant, BCBS Arizona

“Loved it. Was timely and supported our team additionally during the height of COVID by pulling us all together on Tuesdays. It was getting lonely! I am more focused on short term goals. Setting weekly and monthly goals on small tasks I want to accomplish that roll up to my larger goals. I think the goal setting conversations were the best. I also enjoyed the conversation on being productive vs “busy”. I am making an effort to focus on what’s important and setting goals to complete these tasks.

The affirmations “I am the best” really seems to amp me up! I love it. Just completed a finalist meeting and gosh it raised my energy! I think that the music helped too. J Preparedness, especially the weekly prep, has been incredibly helpful, as it has provided direction for my efforts. I loved that.”

Stephanie, VP Healthcare Consultant

“I appreciate you putting this together, it looks like long term greatness can come from it. Short and sweet power points used for guidance and a leave-behind tool. I valued the questions & the music. The music was thoughtful, memorable and fantastic. We were curious about the music, however it put the extra energy in the discussions and was relevant, energetic and fun!”

Corbin, VP Healthcare Consultant

‍“I really wanted to get better at the QUESTIONS component of sales. Getting to what matters to the client. I think that I’m really good at listening, I just needed to work at asking the RIGHT questions. We love how you thoughtfully challenge the team, so responses are not “throw away or just like so and so said”. You respectfully pushed us, made us dig in and learn so we could leverage and learn. Your comfort felt natural with our team and your style rocks, you just naturally flow.”

Matt, Director, Finance

‍“This is exactly what I needed especially during COVID. It lifted and bound our small group together. We needed the camaraderie and structure, we needed to be lifted. I especially liked the “Knowing-Doing Gap” and the music made it exciting.”

‍Joe, Sales Leader

“First & foremost I was glad to be a part of this and it helped me have purpose and plan for each day. I began planning my week on Sundays and structuring how to build my day to be more effective. I started to work out early in the morning and focus more specifically on my CEB’s. I gained two new customers. The small team aspect was important. It was good to hear what the salespeople should do that is common sense but what they don’t always do. You really drilled down on throw away answers which helped to eliminate those types of answers and forced people to be specific and answer with their own answers.”

‍Zach, VP, Practice Leader

“The content was great! I really liked that it was a small group of us, it helped me realize that we were all in the same boat with the same challenges and that we could help each other. The content was outstanding, it’s very usable. It provided me great mentorship and focus! I was out there starting a brand-new job in an abyss; I went 4 months without meeting my new boss. Gina’s advice was very practical, and it helped carry me through a very out of the ordinary on boarding with a new company.”

Bobby, Sales Leader

“I was really grateful to be a part of the group, you’re teaching what’s pure common sense that people can execute on, it causes people to dig deeper. You provided real leadership throughout the process.”

‍Leslie, VP Marketing

Prepare, prepare, prepare! I always thought of myself as a planner, but after working with Gina I have re-thought my planning / preparation process for the week & found a much more efficient process for myself. I spend some time on Sunday evenings and create a list – in order of highest priority to lowest – of what I need to accomplish on Monday to start my week off on the best foot. ‍

Finding my voice. Working as a team throughout the last 8 weeks created a “safe space” amongst our group, and I have begun to trust my thoughts / ideas & feel more comfortable & confident bringing them up to my peers & leaders. We have separate teams in our office that we’re operating completely separately, and Gina helped us to identify the bridge that brought our teams together.

We have begun to connect on a weekly / bi-weekly basis to touch base on different projects / statuses of our members & worked together to accomplish more than one item in a single wave of communication.· What I learned that I am implementing is dedicating time to invest in myself. Doing what I need to do personally to set myself in the best position to perform at my peak professionally.

Katie, Cleveland, OH

The first thing that appealed to me from a personal perspective was the general focus on self-betterment. As someone who has focused on improving my self-care and self-worth for years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this professional development course dove much deeper than my resume. From a professional perspective, I found it very appealing that our sessions involved coworkers from a number of different divisions and teams. Even after just the first day, I found that spending uninterrupted time with coworkers that I do not often interact with made me more comfortable and confident in the workplace.

The things I learned have impacted my day-to-day routine in a few ways. First, I have found so much more value in mornings. That may sound simple, but I honestly never looked at the time before work as something all that valuable and worth investing in. I’m still working on adjusting my routine, but the mornings that I wake up and take time for myself before coming into work are very treasured. Another thing impacting my daily life is the power in preparation, and the ease of mind I can provide myself by simply being prepared for the future, whether that be the next hour or the next week.

Something that I have implemented into a practice at work is the habit of staying connected with coworkers outside of my direct team. I have created a great working relationship with both the operations team and our data analytics team, which has allowed me to expand my mind and offer more to the company that I was before. My absolute favorite thing that I have implemented in my personal life is remembering to respond before I react.

This resonated with me on a very meaningful level, and has changed the way I interact with people both at work and in my personal life. I find that I am able to much more effectively communicate with friends, family, and loved ones when I take a step back and allow myself to respond thoughtfully as opposed to reacting impulsively.

Ellie, Cleveland, OH

Personally, Gina’s bootcamp appealed to me because I think it’s important to self-reflect as we are always our toughest critic. Professionally, I have aspirations to become a manager for my team, so I really wanted to strengthen my skillset so that I could turn those aspirations into a reality.

I learned how to better strategize within my region, how to grow within the company by collaborating with other teams, and I am seeing better execution within my region as well as within my team too!

Continued training is crucial to our team’s success as well as open communication within the teams. We really are working harder together, jumping in where necessary, and are not only ending the year on a high note but also planning on ways that we can grow in 2021. The training brought us closer together, allowed us to show our personalities and thought processes more, and overall, I think everyone grew a greater appreciation for one another and what we each bring to the team.

I have learned to not take so many things personally and to have an attitude of both gratitude and positivity. What you put out is what you get in return and I want my clients and my team to feel good about working with me.

Gina is a positive cheerleader that makes everyone feel like a priority. She has had an impressive career which allows her to have invaluable advice both personally and professionally.

Hannah, Cleveland, OH

I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere of Gina’s Bootcamp. While remaining professional, I believe the opening music piece was an excellent tool to set the tone of each meeting, and to keep everyone engaged and focused on the theme of the day. I personally liked how everyone had an opportunity to offer his and her perspective without fearing judgment.

I am taking a different approach to membership outreach. I learned that our team could have more meaningful and efficient communication by combining our efforts with the programming team.

Although being prepared with a purpose is not a new concept to me, reaching out to my colleagues to collaborate and strategize will become a part of my routine thanks to Gina’s Bootcamp. Overall, I have learned to be more deliberate in my communication and simply do my very best!

Angie, Cleveland, OH

I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere of Gina’s Bootcamp. While remaining professional, I believe the opening music piece was an excellent tool to set the tone of each meeting, and to keep everyone engaged and focused on the theme of the day. I personally liked how everyone had an opportunity to offer his and her perspective without fearing judgment.

I am taking a different approach to membership outreach. I learned that our team could have more meaningful and efficient communication by combining our efforts with the programming team.

Although being prepared with a purpose is not a new concept to me, reaching out to my colleagues to collaborate and strategize will become a part of my routine thanks to Gina’s Bootcamp. Overall, I have learned to be more deliberate in my communication and simply do my very best!

Angie, Cleveland, OH

1:1 Optimal Performance Coaching Endorsements

Gina took my children (ages 20,18 and 16 yrs old) and me on the adventure of the Thinking Into Results Program. She taught the lessons with genuity, empowerment, accountability and humor. She is a highly effective coach because she lives the principles and teaches from her heart. The tools we learned are life-changing. We all grew individually and grew closer as a family. Gina is at the top of our gratitude journal, every day.

Dr. Shannon Francis, Fairlawn, OH

Gina is passionate about helping others. She sees the good in people and helps them find it in themselves. Gina believed in me from day one. We connected at a time in my life when things were stagnant, I was content with the status quo but had this buried desire to do and be more both personally and professionally. I had no idea where to start so the lack of direction combined with my lack of self-confidence kept me exactly where I was.

Then along came Gina, and believe me when I say this, Gina does not come into one’s life quietly…she’s full of energy & enthusiasm so I guess you could say it was with a BANG! Gina helped me take control of my life, find my new direction and create daily habits to keep me on course. She helped me see all the good inside myself and believe in all the good I still needed to achieve and could. Thanks to Gina I have a newly found awareness of my mind and all the amazing things I can do by focusing on the power of my mind, on the power of attitude, on the power of bringing things to me and the awareness of what I put out in order to bring the good back. I’m so happy & grateful, I’m harnessing it for good!

Catherine Welcsh, Chief Relationship Officer, GNE

I’ve known Gina for over 20 years. We met when she became friends with my mom, and she became a part of our family very quickly. Our relationship grew from mentorship to friendship and now I consider her not only part of my family, but a valued friend and mentor; someone who I know will always be there for me. ‍

She has had the opportunity to watch me evolve as a person and as a professional. From friendship advice, to career advice; she is someone I trust to help me through important life challenges and decisions. She has guided me through countless interviews throughout my career and showed me how to stand out, be thoughtful and promote myself and be my own advocate. With Gina’s mentorship, I was able to move to a new city, start a new career and advance very quickly in that career.

What sets Gina apart is her outgoing, positive attitude and fun, yet thoughtful approach to everything she does. She is always asking why and what; helping others think more deeply and helping them to understand their wants, needs, motivations and strengths. ‍

If I had to sum up what Gina has given me throughout my time knowing her is this; Gina has taught me how to think deeper, work smarter, laugh harder, be myself and do what makes me happy. Gina helps everyone she knows be a better version of themselves and I can say that I am a better person for knowing Gina.

Kathleen Nugent, Director of Marketing, Merkle NY

While working with Gina over the past twelve weeks, I was met with a new perspective, that has become life- altering. Gina taught me to look inwards to create the results I wanted to see. She showed me how I could use my mind to drive my results and showed me how to become an effective human being, in every imaginable aspect. I learned how to leave all the people in my life with the impression of increase, which has already strengthened my relationships tenfold. All the information was presented in the most digestible way, that created an empowering morning routine, which energized my day. In just twelve weeks, I had already accomplished three goals that before, would have been unrealistic in my mind. Gina’s guidance over the last three months has truly been life changing.

Seth Brayer, Student, Copley High School, Copley, OH

Thinking into results has truly shed a new light on how I perceive my surroundings and my thoughts, illuminating the control I have over my life. It has made me more aware of my interactions with people and the results I am receiving in certain situations, causing every action/thought of mine to be more intentional. This program has amplified my life in so many ways and I am so grateful! – I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Words can’t express my gratitude towards you and everything you have done for us these past 12 weeks. But mostly I love how much closer we have gotten just from chatting every week and I will cherish that for the rest of my life. You are my shining light and truly have brought so much extra energy and spark into my life through this program but also through being you— seriously you changed my life in a glorious way!!!

Elizabeth, National School of Chiropractic, Chicago, IL

The last 12 weeks have been an incredibly transformative experience. Gina is not just a personal instructor; she is a lifelong mentor and lives all of what she speaks. These teachings have helped me tremendously with breaking the cycle of old family thinking by rewriting my own paradigm. Refurbishing thinking to power future success and inner peace is one of the most important takeaways, as well as goal setting which acts as the main driver for self-growth. Setting goals that appear out of reach in current circumstances cause for one to stretch from the comfort zone. This feels disagreeable at first but acts as a true test of ones’ own will and forces you to use all of which you have learned. This type of goal setting has helped by think beyond my personal limits and encouraged my feelings of worthiness. For Gina and the content of which she teaches I am eternally grateful.

Nicholas, Entrepreneurial Business Student, John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH

I would take the executive coaching with Gina Nicola every few years for the rest of my life if I could. Luckily, this course provides incredibly practical, sustainable, and customizable tools that I can use in virtually any moment! I am a graduate student, and benefited immensely from Gina’s executive coaching, it has left me feeling inspired, empowered, and excited to take control of my goals and future NOW rather than waiting for life to “fall into place.”

Gina makes the experience, and the effort required from the participant, feel that much more fun, worthwhile, and personal. She has a knack for demonstrating how any of the lessons and tools provided in the program can be applied to ANY situation -big and small – leaving me feeling more responsible for and excited about molding the career and personal life that I envision more than ever.

While this program has something to offer to everybody in any phase of life, I would especially recommend this program for young adults such as myself. It provided me withnuggets of wisdom and clarity that I bet many people have to live a lifetime to learn. Most important are truths and tools that help me stay aligned with the most authentic version of myself, which I believe will make the impact that I have on this world and vice versa that much more meaningful and joyous.

Rachel, University of Notre Dame, 2017

Thinking into results was a 12-step journey that gave me the blueprint to excel in any aspect of my life. It’s easy to forget that our mind is like a muscle and in order to master our thoughts, we need to train the way we think every day. That’s what thinking into results is all about and there is no better mentor to guide you through each step than Gina Nicola. She is unbelievably passionate in what she does and inspires you every day to reach beyond the limits you have put on yourself. Learning from Gina has proven to be invaluable and the lessons that she has helped instill in me have become staples in my life.

Andreas, Cleveland, OH

12 Weeks that Changed My Life ‍My world changes throughout the 12 weeks spent with Gina, here’s how. As soon as I logged on to that first zoom call and heard the song playing with Gina in the background dancing singing her heart out, I knew I made a good decision. That type of energy uplifted me, and I had a sense of eager anticipation throughout the week before our Sunday meetings. Throughout the 12 weeks, I slowly became more aware of smaller interactions throughout my day, and the impact that they had on my life.

The most important part that I took away from the 12 weeks with Gina was the lesson of responding vs. reacting, I had never felt fully in control of my response to a situation until this. I always felt that I had a purpose in life, but the reassurance and help to discover what that purpose is more has really help me in the past few months. I know now where to focus more energy, and I remind myself that I am in control of my life and my actions. I would encourage others to experience this program because I think most of us focus on things that drain us, and let others control our lives. But being in control and knowing that I’m doing what I’m doing because I want too has been so refreshing and relieving.

Nathan Francis, Boulder, CO

Working with Gina Nicola changed my life for the better! I cannot say enough positive things about the experience. Gina provided me with best practices to become disciplined, determined and encouraged to always do my best, at work and at home. Most of all, though, she helped me reshape the vision that I had around myself, and pushed me to be brave and bold. The results of her coaching were immediate. Things have taken off in my career because of the direction that I received from Gina, and I know I’m on the right path. I’d recommend Gina’s coaching to anyone looking for their purpose, mission, or direction in their life or career!

Stephanie, Cleveland, OH

Guest Speaking Endorsements

Gina is your beloved soul-friend who embodies a kick to the rear and an open-armed hug at the same time. She challenges us all to do better, be better, and live better. The world is blessed by her spirit, passion, and vision. I am forever grateful for her exuberant presence in my life.

Megan, Norwalk, OH

Gina was motivating, knowledgeable and offered a unique approach to being true to oneself as being the key to success!

‍Anonymous, Cleveland, OH

Gina Nicola is very entertaining and informative!

Anonymous, Cleveland, OH

I appreciated the encouragement for everyone to turn on their cameras for a more engaging feeling. Also, Gina Nicola was clear, concise, and fun to listen to. I especially enjoyed her question/answer segment with her thoughtful yet candid responses! Fabulous!

Anonymous, Cleveland, OH

Thank you for this. Gina you are truly a ray of sunshine. I feel your positive energy every time I see and hear from you. You light up the space. This too is your true gift! I am so very honored to have the privilege of connecting with you. I re-read what you wrote three times and will make this a part of my morning routine as you have so eloquently suggested. Wishing you continued success and blessings! Have a great day!




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