“I would take the executive coaching with Gina Nicola every few years for the rest of my life if I could. Luckily, this course provides incredibly practical, sustainable, and customizable tools that I can use at virtually any moment! I am a graduate student, and benefited immensely from Gina’s executive coaching. It has left me feeling inspired, empowered, and excited to take control of my goals and future NOW rather than waiting for life to “fall into place.” Gina makes the experience, and the effort required from the participant, feel that much more fun, worthwhile, and personal. She has a knack for demonstrating how any of the lessons and tools provided in the program can be applied to ANY situation -big and small – leaving me feeling more responsible for and excited about molding the career and personal life that I envision more than ever. While this program has something to offer to everybody in any phase of life, I would especially recommend this program for young adults such as myself. It provided me with nuggets of wisdom and clarity that I bet many people have to live a lifetime to learn. Most important are truths and tools that help me stay aligned with the most authentic version of myself, which I believe will make the impact that I have on this world and vice versa that much more meaningful and joyous.”