About GNE

We are a consultancy firm with over 35 Years of Sales and Optimal Performance Coaching experience. We activate your potential & accelerate your success. When people soar, organizations benefit with increased employee efficiency, recruitment & retention and increased profits.

GNE effectively gets to the root cause verses the symptoms of self-imposed environmental obstacles associated with behavior, feelings and thoughts. As a result, the individual rewires their thinking which in turn lends itself to an optimally performing team.



Life is not about rules or living in someone else’s paradigms, but so often, we get boxed in by the expectations of others…

Forget the rules

The catalyst to launching GNE was simply this… my dad asked me, as he edged toward the end of his life, what I was doing with MY life. You see he died 18 months after retirement and throughout those 18 months we had many conversations about his own loss of purpose. 

Funny thing was that I thought my life and career were focused and success was abundant. What my dad was really asking me was – “Do you have a purpose OR are you simply passionate because you are an expert and earning a comfortable income?”.

I was never a fan of rules, hate, judgement nor fear, yet most people I know live within those confines. As I thought it through and did my own internal excavation… I landed on the following… My purpose and focus was to create a business where I could be the person I needed in my own life as a child, a young adult, and still today as an adult both personally and professionally! 

And that is what we started… I coach individuals and teams in a way that helps them define their purpose, and remove ideas, thoughts and behaviors that halt growth through a guided path of accountability. By doing so, the person and/or team activates their full human potential vs operating in reactive mode to whatever comes their way… subscribing to the imprisonment, validations and expectations of others. I teach/coach a practice so that others may achieve true optimal performance and I KNOW how to get you there!



This is my way of giving back; helping you get clear on where you are in life, both personally and professionally. My approach is unconventional, illogical uplifting AND IF YOU ARE DISCIPLINED, FOLLOW MY LEAD AND DO THE WORK…IT WORKS! 

Over time, it provides an unexplainable inner peace and confidence to take action. This feels so easy, natural, and uniquely effortless, as I love doing it. Most people and teams within companies, admittedly or un-admittedly, need someone to help them find their purpose. I will be with you every step of the way!

Let’s give it a go!



Gina is a 35-year consummate student of the sales and business development profession. She has spent her career as a passionately competitive leader, who has mastered the art of effectively igniting, exciting and leading teams and client engagements and implementing practices across teams, she learned through her personal development.

People and companies either grow or disintegrate. Personal and company growth relies on the ability to drive teams to align with their mission and purpose, enhancing retention and company loyalty.

Let’s give it a go!


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of Gina Nicola Enterprises

Gina Nicola Enterprises guides, transforms and invigorates people and companies by activating human potential through unconventional practices.  

To provide an unconventional and illogical approach to improving individual lives and transforming companies worldwide through energy, thoughts, words, and actions.

Our mission is to inspire people and companies by leveraging the power of thoughts and illuminating purpose.



To some, seemingly illogical, GNE has started a movement, subscribing to anything but conventional logic, creating a process that can be implemented into a sustainable practice.


With sensitivity and empathy, we can expose the issues of individuals and companies, then collectively construct sustainable pathways forward that dissolve company-wide silos and create a unified force.


Our differences and what could be construed as “imperfections” uniquely define us as humans. Color, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation are simply characteristics rather than a basis for judgment.


You must understand and lead yourself before you can lead others. We teach the art of emotional intelligence so that individuals and teams can be intelligent followers and intelligent leaders, by first managing their internal dialogue.